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based on Ryan’s tweet. because oh my god???

Kurt stands atop a rooftop strung with paper, lanters, as music plays. Pure romance. Blaine approaches, singing “Come What May” from Moulin Rogue. Kurt seems torn. 

As Blaine finishes the first line, Kurt can’t help but smile at the familiar melody. It’s a song he’s wanted to sing with someone he loved for such a long time. It seems so long ago that he thought he would never have that, only to find the love of his life and allow himself to hope.

Before it was torn too quickly from his grasp. He deserves to be wary now. They’ve been through so much together, he and Blaine. After the wedding and breaking it off completely with Adam, Kurt was set on being alone for a while. Again. He wasn’t sure how much his heart could take any more back and forth, any more heart-stopping and heartbreaking moments.

But Blaine had worked his way through the cracks again, opened up the part of Kurt that ached at the memories of them, the part he wanted so much to disappear, to stop making him hurt so deeply. It was never that easy. Though, he supposed, nothing had ever been easy for them. The distance, the people, the circumstances; all working together to form an impossible situation. Nothing was easy. 

Except for love. That came naturally; it was as easy as breathing, as blinking, as living. To Kurt, loving Blaine was an inevitability, a deep certainty he never knew could exist for him.

A flash of worry passes across Blaine’s eyes as he finishes the verse and Kurt still hasn’t made a move, good or bad. He takes one last calming breath, mind made up. Turning to Blaine, back straight, and feeling calmer than he has been for a long time, Kurt picks up the melody.

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place…

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