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I might have screamed. and then this wrote itself. 

Chris tended to be all over the place, writing and memorizing his script, and whenever Will would call him, he’d tell him he was busy and “maybe next time?”

He was always wary about new relationships, afraid that they were going to run for the hills when they saw his schedule and figured out he tended to choose writing over socializing. It’s not that he didn’t like people, but there were so many things in his head, so many stories to tell. How could he simply ignore them and move on? He knew many people wouldn’t understand, and he was okay with that. He was happy with the friends that did get it, with Ashley who got him out of the house when he needed it, with older women who seemed to love to get him drunk and happy and spilling every little detail of his (once again nonexistent) love life. He didn’t need to add a boyfriend to that, someone who would take Chris’ need to be alone as a sign that he didn’t want him, someone who’d balk at the hours Chris kept and want him to change them, to accomodate them to his own schedule. No, Chris wasn’t about to change for anyone nor be anyone’s disappointment.

But then there was Will. Will who’d be at parties that Ashley (and he never quite figured out how she ever did it in the end) dragged him to. Christmas get-togethers and more casual Friday night drinks. They’d talk, they’d flirt, maybe even dance a little. There was no denying that Will was gorgeous and Chris took a smug satisfaction in the way Will’s eyes raked over his own body when he thought Chris wasn’t looking. 

Chris was always looking. 

He wanted. Wanted more than anything to say “screw it”, to agree to large romantic gestures and hand-holding in parks and nights spent watching mindless television rather than hitting his deadlines and- okay, so maybe he’d watched one too many romcoms, but he hadn’t had a real, I-want-to-be-a-part-of-your-life relationship in a while. So sue him if he was drawing a little inspiration from those who knew the area better than he did.

But, no amount of want in the world would change him and what he knew his life was like. It was always going to be business first, social life second for him. Unless you were somehow magic enough to slip through the cracks and make it all work together. It’s why Chris loved Ashley so much. She had a key, she knew not to call before she came. She’d slip in quietly while he was writing, place a few take-out boxes on the coffee table, sit beside him on the couch and turn on Downton Abbey. Or whatever TV show they were currently obsessed with. Less than half an hour later, Chris would be laughing along with her, having come to a natural stop in his writing. Somehow she knew just how to bring those last few paragraphs out of him and make him relax. But he knew not everyone could do the same.

And so when Will would call, or text, or run into him at a party, it would always be the same. They’d chat, they’d hint at a little something more, but Chris would inevitably run, using deadlines and work as an excuse, despite it being well past midnight and everyone being long past tipsy. He’d grab Ashley and his driver, making their way home for ice cream and cuddles. He ignored every one of her pitying, and sometimes angry, looks, opting instead for remembering what he set out to do. Romance would come later. The strategy worked for him. It worked for a long time. Until one night, it didn’t.

They’d had a few drinks, nowhere near enough to be labeled drunk, but enough to be warm and loose and happy. Ashley, giggling, had hitched a ride with a girlfriend, kissing him on the cheek and wishing him a good night. Chris frowned, but knew monopolizing Ashley and using her as an escape route wasn’t feasible every night he was out. He headed back to his car, ready to drive home and finish one last paragraph before bed, when an arm stopped him.


"Will! Hi, I- I didn’t know you were still here."

"Mhmm, it seems some of my friends decided to go off with yours, leaving me stranded." He shot Chris a self-deprecating smile and even in the dark it was enough to make Chris’ stomach swoop. "Would you mind…giving me a ride?"

"Oh! Oh, of course, sure, come on in! I’ll just- right, just tell Mark, erm, my driver, that’s Mark, where you’re going and I’ll- we’ll-…drop you off." Chris trailed off lamely. He was babbling. He was alone with Will and he was babbling. Well, it looks like you don’t even need Ashley to scare him off this time, Colfer, you’re doing a great job on your own. Chris had his eyes fixed firmly on his feet while Will spoke to Mark. He looked up when a palm covered his own.

"Hey," Chris met Will’s eyes. "Thank you."

Chris took a deep breath, unable to look away. “…No problem,” he replied, just as softly as Will had spoken. Will never took his hand away from Chris’ and Chris made no move to change that. They stayed silent for the car ride, mostly enjoying the cool night air coming in through the windows. They got to Will’s quickly, much faster than Chris had anticipated (and maybe secretly wanted). Will’s hand was warm in his and he didn’t want to let go just yet. 

"Walk me to my door?"

More relaxed, Chris let out a laugh and replied, his usual self again. “Ah, our don in distress worried he might not make it back to his tower in one piece?”

To Chris’ surprise, Will’s smile widened. “Something like that,” he said, and tugged Chris out of the car.

They walked slowly, both seeming to want to draw the night out as much as possible.

When they reached Will’s door, he stepped closer, invading Chris’ personal space. Chris could smell the cologne and a slight hint of perfume, a side-effect of being fawned upon by women all night. Chris was sure he was no better. He smiled to himself.

"What?" Will asked. Chris shook his head.

"Nothing, just… thinking about how we get ourselves into these situations. Two gay men surrounded by crowds of women."

"Well, maybe if you didn’t live in such recluse, we could find a way to rectify that. I hear two gay men isn’t quite as a cliched way to spend the night."



They spoke at the same time. Chris nodded at Will. "Go ahead."

"Look, I’m not looking for you to change your life for me, here. I know how insane your schedule is, trust me, I do. I work with actors and others in the business and their lives are hectic enough without the added pressure of novel writing and flocks of teenage girls following them around." Chris laughed, dropping his head forward. Will brought his hand up to cup Chris’ chin and forced him to look back up and meet his eyes. "All I know is… I like you. More than I thought I would when Ash-" "I knew it was her!" "introduced us. And I’m willing to work for this, us…if you are. I know we can have a good time together, Chris. And I know there will be nights," Chris gave him a look, "Alright, most nights when you’d rather stay in than go out on a date. And I’m okay with that. I love the sound of pajamas and hot chocolate, trash TV, your feet in my lap as you type away on your computer. I don’t need much Chris to be happy Chris, but I’m- I think I do need you."

"Tea," Chris replied, quietly. He didn’t know what to say. No one had ever-


"Pajamas and hot tea. I don’t- sweet things aren’t my thing. Ice cream, sometimes."

"I think I can handle that."



Will shifted his hand so it was cupping Chris’ cheek, searching his face for any signs that he might run. There were none. Chris was done trying to fight this. He leaned in before Will got a chance, waiting for him to close that last distance, waiting for him to meet him halfway and fill in those gaps in his life that he’d been patching up with mindless work, thinking it was enough.

After that kiss? Chris knew nothing else would never be enough.

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